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Sesheme Foundation logo design
Sesheme Foundation ReBranding
Sesheme Foundation website design
Nakai Skincare & Cosmetics website design
Duncan Mills Co-op Website Design
First Work logo design
First Work Branding
First Work Branding logos
Amplify Program Cover
Healthy Lifestyle flyers
Live Good Scroll Banner
LiveGood Brochure

8 page brochure

Summer Intern Scroll Banner
GW StrategicPlan

40 Page Strategic Planning Booklet

Summer Intern poster
CARC SettlementServices 2016
Scotiabank Carnival Festival Guide


Scotiabank Carnival Festival Guide

2012 Cover

Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival 2011

Newspaper advertisement

Jambana 2016 Brochure Cover
Jambana MixTapeCover 2016
Jambana 2016 Brochure FrontBack
Carabram Cover 2016
Carabram Cover 2015
Carabram Passport 2014

32 page booklet

Carabram Passport

30th Anniversary 2012 Cover

Arthouse Condos

E-blast flyer

Sesheme Program Cover and poster
Sesheme Program Cover
Queen Jazzy

Hair package design - front of box

Queen Jazzy

Hair package design - back of box

Sunrise brochure
Sunrise Investments Flyer

Logo design

Sunrise Investment

Notepad and Fridge magnet designed

Sunrise Investment Brochure


Valermo Condos

E-blast flyer

Premier Matrix Florida Condos

Poster and magazine advertisement

Premier Matrix Epic Condos

Magazine Advertisement

Spelling Bee of Canada

25th Anniversary 2012 Cover and 65 page layout design

Scotiabank Junior Canival

Carnival Poster for 2012

Hope and Find Antiques

Logo design

Watt A Gift Basket

Business Card and logo design

Snowflake Solutions

Business Card

Good Fortune Tours

Business Card

G.K. Nartey

Business card - Back

G.K. Nartey - The Reel G

Business card - Front


Charcoal drawing

The boys

Charcoal drawing


Charcoal drawing


Charcoal drawing

Cutie PIe

Charcoal drawing

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